Akira Tokuhiro Research/Focus Areas
  • Nuclear Reactor Engineering, Design and Dafety
  • Liquid Metal Thermohydraulics
  • Experiments in Thermohydraulics
  • Convective Heat Transfer
  • Applications of Polymer and Silica Gel Materials
  • Modeling of Fuel Cycle
  • Applied Biometrics and Policy
My Courses
  • NE404/504 Radiation detection and measurement
  • NE404/504 Nuclear Heat Transport
  • NE404/504 Intermediate Nuclear Engineering
  • ENVS404/504 Energy, Sustainability and Modeling
  • NE404/504 FORTRAN for Engineers

Akira Tokuhiro, Ph.D.

College of Engineering
Professor of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Campus Locations
Idaho Falls

With UI Since

Office: Idaho Falls Center
Phone: (208) 533-8102
Email: tokuhiro@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address:
Idaho Falls Center for Higher Education
1776 Science Center Drive, Ste 306
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402

Radiation and Reason Fukushima and After (2MB PDF)

Is the Food in Japan Safe? (2MB PDF)

  • B.S., Engineering Science (Physics), 1981, Purdue University
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1984, University of Rochester
  • Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, 1991, Purdue University

Selected Publications

  • A. Ridluan*, M. Manic and A. Tokuhiro, EBaLM-THP - A Neural Network Thermohydraulic Prediction Model of Advanced Nuclear System Components, Nuclear Engineering and Design, 239, 2, 308, 2009
  • A. Ridluan* and A. Tokuhiro Benchmark Simulation of Turbulent Flow through a Staggered Tube Bundle to Support CFD as a Reactor Design Tool; Part I SRANS CFD Simulation, Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 45, 12, 2008
  • A. Ridluan* and A.Tokuhiro, Benchmark Simulation of Turbulent Flow through a Staggered Tube Bundle to Support CFD as a Reactor Design Tool; Part II URANS CFD Simulation, Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 45, 12, 2008
  • Plus 20 other journal and 30 conference publications from 2004-2009;

Research Projects

  • DOE, 09-321, Data Collection Methods for Validation of Advanced Multi-Resolution Fast Reactor Simulations, with U. Tenn. – Ruggles, ANL – Pointer, NEUP, $912,317, March 16, 2009. 
  • DOE, 09-346; CFD Model Development and Validation for High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor Cavity Cooling System (RCCS) Applications, with Texas A& M – Hassan (lead), U. Wisconsin- Corradini, UI-Tokuhiro, NEUP, $568,956, March 16, 2009 
  • DOE, 09-202; Experimental Studies of NGNP Reactor Cavity Cooling System with Water, with U. Wisconsin- Corradini (lead), Texas A&M – Hassan, NEUP, $543,717, March 16, 2009 
  • DOE, 09-171; Experimental study and computational simulations of key pebble bed thermo-mechanics issues for design and safety, with UI- Rink, Potirniche, Tokuhiro, INL-Ougouag, Cogliati, NEUP, $557,279, March 16, 2009 
  • “Developing and Piloting Design and Delivery of a Prototype Boiling Water Test Loop for the ATR National Scientific User Facility “, $7,844 + $31,300, INL ATR-NSUF, May –Aug 2009, Dec 2009, submitted, Jan 2010. 
  • “Analytical Multi-Scale Evaluation of 19-, 37- and 217-pin Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor Fuel Assembly”, Argonne National Laboratory, $72,680 + $28,447+ $16,277, Aug 2009 to – Mar 2010. 
  • Measurement of very high temperatures - Application to core melt accident experiments, with C. Journeau, CEA-Cadarache (France), submitted to CEA, ~Euro67,182 (~$94,304), for UI (NE) Ph.D. student, Clemente Parga, 2009 - 2012 
  • Request for graphite and related material characterization instrumentation in support of NGNP and advanced reactor systems, with R. Smith, F. Gunnerson and NE Faculty, $177,000, DOE NEUP Infrastructure Support, April 15, 2009 
  •  “UIIF Online Course Content Delivery Program - Developing, demonstrating and integrating dimensionality to asynchrounous delivery of technical courses”, SBOE, ITIG, $53,000, March 2009 
  • “Experimental development and demonstration of ultrasonic and remote diagnostics for sodium fast reactor thermohydraulics”, Department of Energy, Nuclear Energy Research Initiative, $549,730; 2007 – 2010 
  • "Compact heat-exchanger performance testing for Generation IV Reactors", Department of Energy, Nuclear Energy Research Initiative (Advanced Nuclear Research for Universities); $299, 965; April 2005 – May 2010