Maintenance and Operations Request Form

This form is used to submit requests for repair
or something that needs the attention of the
University Place Maintenance and Operations Personnel.

         Full Name   :   

              How do we get back to you, if we need to:
         Your EMail  :   
         Your Phone #:   

          Location of item to be fixed:
- Student Union Building - - Center for Higher Education -
- Tingey Administration Building - - INL Technical Library -
- Center for Adv Energy Studies - - Other Location -
Room Number or other Area Description:
             Please tell us what needs fixed:

Please note: This form is for requesting the repair of existing facilities. Things like: carpet stains, leaky faucets, replacing light bulbs, etc If you want a wall moved or removed, a new wall outlet added, a light switch moved, new carpet, walls painted, etc, etc, Sorry, You Must Use the Other Form Go There Now

Submit an Email if the form doesn't work.